Friday, January 3, 2014

Snow Days = Slow Days, Maybe Not

On an ordinary day many of us find ourselves wishing we could spend more time with our children, especially working moms.  Nothing screams quality time like a snow day, does it?  Don't you see it, the day before, we anxiously await the announcement that the office is closed and celebrate when it is, thankful for that extra day to rest...NOT!

While mentally we imagine a day of relaxation, catching up on missed conversations and possibly a book, it turns out to be anything but that.  We either end up with family members dispersed in the home, some watching TV, others on electronics and others sleeping.  If you are fortunate enough to catch some zzz's there's still that point in the day/days when your kids run out of creativity and shows and want that imaginary character that only Mommy can bring to life.  While playing pretend with the little ones, theoretically, is the perfect description of quality time their demand usually happens at the most unexpected time.  Not to mention, pretending to dress up for a wedding was a lot more fun when YOU were 12 than it is at...(fill in blank).

If this describes you and you find yourself awaiting a blizzard,  it is not only wise to stock up on groceries but a schedule of activities as well.  There are tons of things to do when trapped in doors, some of which may interest you.  Here are my top 4:

1. Yoga - you can find yoga videos on YouTube for free ranging from beginner to advanced.  I've noticed that kids love to exercise, especially if Mommy's doing it...have a class with them and while they may not get every pose right, you'll have enough fun watching each other fall over.

2. Games - games such as Monopoly Jr. or even video games that include teams and dancing can be a lot of fun.

3. Devotionals- I love to include a bible study in my day so why not go the extra mile and have a full class complete with coloring pages and all, its a great use of time.

4. Cooking classes - just about every child loves to experiment with food, having your kids help you bake a cake or even create a finger snack is sure to be a blast and can take some stress out of having to figure out a menu for the day.

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