Monday, May 19, 2014

When Will You Be Worthy?

You may have noticed that there has been a change in the name of this community to Fruitful Nurturing.  For some of you this may sound unusual and for other you may totally understand, but one day God spoke to me as I was trying to come up my next post.  It was just after Easter and all of my devotionals led up to Jesus' Ascension, before he ascended he met with the disciples and explained to them that he wanted them to be 'harvesters for the Kingdom'; that verse continued to ring in my heart and made me wonder...was I fulfilling my God-given purpose? For years now I have been asking God to reveal my purpose; I had grown so tired of my yearly routine, feeling unappreciated and lack of fulfillment.  I now realize that this feeling of failure and complacency was due to unpurposeful striving, it was not centered in God but in my ego and MY ideas of success. I longed to be an entrepreneur but for the wrong reasons.  I realize that it is not to just reap from your hard work but to the plant seed of Christ in others and to help them sow their seeds to improve the Kingdom's harvest.  So I got the idea to transform this vehicle of information-sharing into a vehicle to share the love of Christ and to help myself and others along their Christian journey. 

After meditating and confirmation that this was from the Lord and not of my own ego.  I said "okay" I need a name for this community, and God gave me "Fruitful".  The bible does tells us to be "Fruitful and Multiply", so I said... that works.  I was all set to launch and then "IT" happened.  The ego as big and self-absorbed as she is, jumped in!  So, I got down on my knees and I said (and these were my exact words) "Lord, I heard you talking to me but I have to admit I don't feel worthy to do this, I definitely ain't Preacher material and sure do still struggle daily to be virtuous..." All he said was "Well, when will you be worthy?" AHhah! He had me, when in this life am I ever going to perfect and clean enough to do his will...for salvation is a daily struggle for everyone.  I sat there and in that instant I thought of Moses.  I have to admit I am always hypercritical of Moses. God showed him many signs and he still needed to take Aron with him to see Pharoah. Well, there I was Moses...

Never the less, here we are Fruitful Nurturing aiming to do the will of God and help others along the way. I have no idea where this will eventually lead, I just hope that you continue to support our community, comment and give an encouraging word as we strive to fulfilling our God-given purposes!



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