Thursday, August 6, 2015

Mid-Summer Wind Down

We've reached the mid-point of Summer break and I can't help but think "wow this was quick!" I don't know if it was the realization that my girls still have to finish up their assigned projects or the realization that the time is approaching to cough over the bucks for uniforms (3 kids-worth this year) and school supplies...but IT'S AUGUST!!!

I guess it's time to settle back into school-mode, we've had a pretty full summer including a family reunion/vacation in Atlanta, tons of outdoor activities with family and friends and multiple trips to Brooklyn Bridge Park. If you haven't made your way down there yet your missing out! They've got Jane's Carousel (which is super cheap), a free pool, free skating (on certain days & times), basketball courts, volleyball courts, batting cages, a couple of sprinklers and tons of grass and wildlife. The best part is, they're not done...they are still building! This park is right on the waterfront and is absolutely refreshing for us New Yorkers. I think Central Park may have some competition here, Brooklyn Stand-up! (LOL) 

This month will definitely be a little calmer and consist of more prepping for the school year. I have already started my 2 oldest, as well as my incoming Kindergartener, on reviewing last years modules and getting a head start on the upcoming years curriculum. That is definitely a plus for the Common Core system. You can pretty much get your child's lessons online before they get it in class giving them a heads up and advantage. I got all of my girls' packets on, a site that links directly from the NYCDOE site, just look under their Common Core Library menu. My girls did great last year, especially with it being my first run at having more than one school-aged child, we worked our buns off trying to keep up with all the homework and assignments, so this year I am taking the proactive route, after all learning begins at home! 

Well that's my mid-summer synopsis! I hope you guys are enjoying yours as much.  

Be Fruitful,

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