Thursday, February 4, 2016

Your Dreams are Non-negotiable

So you've strategically laid out your dreams (you Jot Down Those Goals), you think you have a winning plan whether it's a business idea, a desired degree, a promotion or professional achievement but you can't bring yourself to take the next step, why?

Society has programmed women to believe that having ambitious career goals somehow makes us selfish and unfocused on "what's really important". Women of power fight everyday to negate these negative stigmas associated with successful women, by proving we can in fact have it all, the husband, the kids, the career, even hobbies and a social life.

It's not just you, there are countless women who feel that by going after their own endeavors they are being:

   A) Selfish
   B) Greedy
   C) A fraud
   D) Guilty

I think that as women we take on so many "I ams" (I am a mom, I am a wife, etc), that we forget that most importantly we are individuals, separate from our families and friends and communities.
As individuals, born in this world with a purpose it is our right and job to figure out what we are meant to achieve, that "thing" that fulfills us as a person.

Don't let other people's ideals snuff out your chance to live fruitfully. Living fruitfully includes going after your goals and you deserve to love yourself that much!


Be Fruitful,


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