Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Wrangle the Masterminds

The book "Think and Grow Rich" mentions creating a group of "Masterminds", coming from the era of Michael Jordan's greatness, I prefer to call them a "Dream Team". What is a "Dream Team" you ask? This goes back to the section I mentioned in the "Jot Down Your Goals", when I asked you to list 3 people you could use to help further each one of your goals. Well a dream team is a group of dedicated people that you have gathered to help further an objective.

What The Greats Do

These individuals that you pick should be reliable and supportive of your vision and most importantly possess talent, experience or expertise in an area you lack yet need to accomplish your goal. I recently watched a documentary about Jay-Z the doc referred to Jiggaman as a genius, why...not because he managed to get out of the projects, not because he makes a lot of money but because of the ability that he has to be real with himself! Mr. Carter is able to see a goal or trophy and then look inside himself and assess his strengths and weaknesses. He supplimented his weaknesses with able bodies, the masterminds of that area.

Know Your Resources

A lot of people let their weaknesses deter them from what they want, whether due to fear of failure or embarrassment. The thing to do is figure out how to compensate for what you lack. You could spend time going to school or classes to learn (not that it's a bad idea under certain circumstances) or hire someone to do what you can't. Make them a part of your "Dream Team". The role of a "Dream Team" member is to advise and teach, so that one day you CAN do what you once couldn't.

If implemented correctly this technique saves you tons of time and gives a higher return! It allows you to delegate more tedious, time-consuming tasks so that you can pay someone else to do. While allowing you to focus on bigger tasks, like acquiring new clients or sales. Keynote: Only a fool fails to use his resources.

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