Monday, September 17, 2012

Self-Soothing - A form of neglect??

By Renee Jamerson

Recently there was a lot of talk in the news about the benefits of allowing your baby to "self-soothe" as they call it.  A recent study showed that babies who were allowed to cry awhile were under no more stress than a baby who wasn't.  The point of the study was to prove that self-soothing is okay for the baby and is a great way to build self-reliance.  It was however proven amongst a group of Moms that continuous crying actually stressed the mom more than the baby (well duh).

I have to say I fall into that category.  I like these Moms experience anxiety at the sound of my babies cry.  A lot of people believe that responding to a baby's every beckoning makes the child spoiled.  I happen to believe that it maks them feel secure.  I want my children to know that despite whatever they may go through "Mommy is here" and we'll get through it together. 

I believe that children can learn self-reliance at a later date when it is more comprehensible.  For example, Kindergarten.  And while this may cause some pre-school teachers to cringe.  Most children go through separation anxiety when they start school anyway and then learn self-reliance.  So in the end why put so much pressure on a tiny person who can't verbalize what they want, need or feel?  They depend on us for their every need and even comfort.  So I think I speak for a lot of Moms when I say self-soothe, smelf-smoothe (tttthhhhpppptt)!

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