Monday, November 12, 2012

Loss of Wisdom

Editorial Spotlight
By Renee Jamerson

Last week, I had the pleasure of getting all 4 of my Wisdom Teeth removed.  I say this reluctantly, but the actual process was a lot less painful than expected and have to admit that the healing process seems to be the nightmare.  Oddly enough, the bottom two teeth were the worst, complete with hooked roots (Uggghhh); which for some reason surprised my doctor who upon abstraction of the first one commented, "no fair that's not supposed to look like that", as he proudly held my blood-drenched tooth with his prongs.  

After leaving, I hurriedly filled my prescription of Percocets.  It was only while reading the label that it hit me that as a Mother of 4 young girls the next couple of days was going to be interesting.  Let me explain, you see, while my Husband is a wonderful, caring and loving Father; like most of the Mothers out their I am the sole caretaker of our 4 girls.  Maybe it's because the amount of estrogen produced by these 4 tiny females combined with their time-stopping spats and, lets just be honest, close to Civil War magnitude battles my poor husband is out-numbered and often beaten to a pulp. How was I going to go through the next couple of days high on Percocets and still function as a Mother.  

While it is still impossible to feel the left half of my lower lip, I am happy to say today I am on Day 5 and I survived with minimal pain.  Thanks to the collaborated efforts of my Dear Husband and my Mother-In-Law!  Though we practically had to uproot my family for a couple of days (LOL), I am today, Percocet free and capable of a half smile...if I try hard enough.  

There's my story, what's yours? Who is your support system when you find yourself yelling "Mommy Down"?!?!?!?!?


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