Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Seasons & Reasons

Recently, the changing season has been a frequent topic of conversation and literature for me.  It seems like every week there is something new in my eye or ear on the changing season.  One conversation I had was about how the changing seasons effect people's moods; another on how to continue healthy living and eating despite the onset of cold weather. Along with the change in weather there has also been a lot of change in my life; a change in friends, a change in responsibility, a change in my personal goals, and change in my ambition. 

As you can imagine, at first, i didn't accept all of these changes with open arms.  I began to wonder just what all these changes meant, what was God trying to say, were they good...were they bad?  So I took to my Bible, but where would I look. So I put it down. And it's funny how God will answer you if you are sincere. I was about to wash the dishes and decided to catch up some episodes of Joni Lamb and as I was searching through the pre-recorded shows there is one within the past couple of weeks called "Seasons". I thought to myself "here we go again with the seasons, let's just go ahead and watch this, God is obviously speaking to me".

Sure enough the message, questions and scriptures were right on point! Before this, I'd been feeling a sense of stagnation in life. As a wife and mother it can get pretty routine and when you throw in the day to day sacrifices we make for our families, we aren't exactly living la vida loca.  The fun times can be few and far between as a night with friends or romance is bumped for a night filled with homework, crying, cleaning and refereeing.  After listening to that broadcast I was able to realize that I myself am in a season of life.  That is season is motherhood, full on motherhood, with 4 under the age of 10, motherhood! 

I never really viewed this as a season of life. Aren't seasons more about personal growth and development?  Boom!!! That's when the Holy Spirit spoke! Every impatient moment and overreaction I ever had with my children began to play in my head and I realized somewhere in my checklist of things to do, I had lost focus that the most important thing I have to do is to help my children grow into the people God wants them to be.  My ambitious entreprenerial tasks that often ended with me upset with one of the kids for "distracting me from something important" didn't seem all that important anymore. I realized that in this season, God is working in me on my patience and faith, that I don't always have to know where it is all headed.  And most importantly enjoy the ride until I get to a new season.  When in doubt it's always wise to consult God in prayer and turn to his word.
I was able to an abundance of scriptures in which seasons of life are mentioned all throughout the bible!

Feel Free to indulge and as always Be fruitful!


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