Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Get on Santa's "Good List"

Well, the countdown is officially on! I don't know about many of you but this is usually the time when i begin surfing the web, catalogs, Sunday papers and my e-mails for the best possible deals for last minute Christmas gifts. As I head into the different retail stores there is always my trip to Macy's that gets me the most gitty.

A few weeks ago, my family and I watched the Annual Thanksgiving Day Parade patiently awaiting Santa's arrival to Macy's, officially marking the beginning of their Holiday season. I personally get most excited waiting for little Virginia (the float of the little girl) rushing to Macy's clutching her letter to Santa in her little hands. She is also features in their animated Christmas commercial. For those of you that may have missed the promotional piece, every year Macy's has their Believe Campaign (inspired by the timeless classic Miracle on 34th Street). They set up a mailbox in the store and for every letter to Santa that is put in the box Macy's gives $1 to the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

In usual fashion, my children and I sat down to the task of penning their letters to Santa.  Most of my children are under the age of 6, so I used a wonderful template I found on iheartorganizing.blogspot.com and had tons of fun! Writing letters to Santa is wonderful past-time for children of all ages and how much more exhilarating to know that the letters are being used for a philanthropic cause. So as I pick of items here and them at Macy's-Herald Square I'll be sure to drop by that magical mailbox that turns my children's wishes into wishes for so many.

I know that Christmas time can be overwhelming but if you are looking for something philanthropic to do as a family that is also quick and convenient shoot Santa a quick note!(smile)

Merry Christmas & Be Fruitful


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